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Reconstruction and enlargement of a new day-hospital psychiatric clinic

UN Millenium Development Goals

At KINSHASA in Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)
From 2005 to 2006
By Architettura Senza Frontiere Italian Network
Donors: Navarra

The psychiatric district “Telema” in Kinshasa was conceived as a hospital with the aim to assist the patients affected by mental problems and to give informative support to the families. The project of reconstruction and enlargement of “Telema” emerged from the necessity to adapt the structure to the changed requirements: from local it has become a reference point at national level with users from many regions.

The project objective is to receive and put into practice suitable technical solutions and technologies and the dynamics related to the management and development of the hospital, respecting traditional construction and cooperating with the technical skills of local enterprises. Considering this, the results have been: reorganization of the psychiatric district and related services, in particular flexibility and sustainability of the operation; solution of the energy emergency (continuity in electric energy supply) and hygienic sanitary (treatment and disposing the refuses); and excellent social environmental impact of the project choices.

Category: Architectural project Medium / Technology / Material: Traditional construction Typology: Hospital
project perspective - aerial
project perspective - exterior corridor
project perspective - exterior corridor
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