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Health Care Center

Tsunami 2004

From 2005 to 2006
By Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras - Portugal
Local partners: Health Ministry of Sri Lanka
Donors: Doctors of the World Portugal

Sri Lanka was one of the countries most affected by the Tsunami tragedy (more than 40.000 people died) and serious problems continue, mainly at the level of public health. The severe damage to health infrastructures is one of the leading problems today. Jaffna, one of the most affected regions, situated in the north of the country, continues to be neglected by international NGO’s and the government, due to the existing bad relationship with the Tamil.

In partnership with ASFP, Doctors of the World - Portugal (MDMP) intended to build a Centre of Primary Health Care in Jaffna. Along with the Health’s Centre, the MDMP will also expand their work through beneficial repairing at the Point Peter’s Hospital, renewal of the dental clinic and the construction of a blood bank. The ASF involvement consisted of allocating a suitable technician in the scope of construction management and technology. During a site visit, 2 ASFP technicians carried out a cautious and thorough survey in order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the program.

The team assessed the following issues: social and technological context of the country and province of Jaffna, possible favourable locations for the health centre to be built and hospital units organization in order to rehabilitate those in most need.