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Day care center for drugs addicts

Local cooperation activities

From 2006 to 2007
By Arquitectos Sin Fronteras España
Local partners: Ambit Prevenció
Donors: fundació Roviralta and Contratas y Obras

The local cooperation department of ASF-Cat works with associations which deal with vulnerable collectives (drug addicts, HIV affected persons, prostitutes, adolescents victims of exclusion…). Those associations which request their support work in inappropriate spaces for their activities and often in premises in which security or access norms are not being respected.

ASF-Cat proposes a complete mission of architects: diagnostics, architectural proposal and following-up the construction. In this process, as far as possible, we intend to work with labour insertion associations, which are involved in the realization of the centres’ rehabilitation. The sustainable use of construction material (through recycling) is one of the sensitisation goals.

This project is an illustration of the local cooperation activities. It is a centre for an association which takes in drug addicts and assists them at sanitary as well as psycological.

Category: Local cooperation Typology: Day care center
plan - before
plan - after
day care center - before
day care center - before
day care center - after