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Canteen and community space

By Arkitekter Utan Gränser - Sweden
Local partners: Government and Grötprojektet
Donors: ASF-Sweden, Wester+Elsner architects and friends & family

The School in Mwakikonge. The aim of the project is to improve the situation for the staff and the children at school and to help Grötprojektet and politicians in their work to bring more children in the village of Mwakikonge to school. The building suggests an easier lunch situation with a dining room and a new kitchen. The building offers a large area with shadow as an extension of the school yard and with new premises intended for both spontaneous and planned meetings. Under the roof is a square of flexible surfaces for play, homework, city council meetings and ceremonies. The school is government owned and it is the government which has asked for the new building. The project group has been commissioned via the Swedish organization Grötprojektet, which has been active since 2009.

The construction of the building creates a shaded outdoor environment for learning and play
In addition to the building’s low-tech solutions with collection of water and solar cells, the building works to strengthen the role of education in the village, one way to bring more parents closer to school and understand the importance of knowledge and education. The building is also directly effective in improving the situation for students with long and hot school days. The building is designed according to local building tradition and will have a durable structure that hardly requires any maintenance. The roof is designed to be flexible and easy to replace if weather and wind cause damage.

Category: Education, Urban development Medium / Technology / Material: Concrete blocks, Workshop Typology: Government school & Villagers
Mwakikonge community space
Mwakikonge community space
areal view