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Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras - Portugal

Arquitectos Sem Fronteiras Portugal
Travessa do Carvalho, 23
1249-003 Lisboa
Tel: +351 966 355 122

Also known as : ASF-Portugal

ASF- Portugal is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to collaborate with deprived communities in the suppression of precarious conditions and in the development of their performance in the areas of architecture and urbanism.

Founded in 2000, ASF-Portugal aims to gather architects and professionals of the built environment that wish to engage in voluntary work in the areas of planning, urban design, architecture, construction and environment. ASF-Portugal works solely by appeal and when directly requested by the communities.

Our objectives are to intervene in the human habitat through technological empowerment and to collaborate with the communities through social projects that may (or may not) have a territorial or local dimension, built environment or construction component; however it will always promote architecture as a multidimensional activity that specifically incorporates and pays attention to social construction that is often overlooked by private practice.

Projects initiated by ASF-Portugal :

Appeal from local association of Rasgo
call for ideas logo
Hosting city Porto: Call for Ideas
UN Millenium Development Goals
construction workers
Health Care Center
Tsunami 2004
Caption 1
Avieira’s culture legacy
Safeguard of cultural heritage
City without borders_workshop_1
City without borders – cidade sem fronteiras
Children awarness for City and Architecture issues in the scope of ASF

Projects partnered by ASF-Portugal :