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Architectes Sans Frontières Liban
Surati Street, Hamra - Beirut
Phone: +961 3 825 806

Chairperson: Neda Stevenson
Secretary: Elias Mattar
Treasurer: Ziad Moutran
Also known as : عمارةٌ بلا حدود لبنان

We are a collective of architects, designers, artists, who work from the understanding that architecture can heal, focusing on architecture with strong humanitarian outcomes.

Our organization
Architecture sans Frontières Liban (ASFL) is an organization that wishes to fulfill the environmental needs of vulnerable people living in Lebanon.
Created in 2021 by a group of Architects, Landscape Architects, Project Managers and Sociologists ASFL represents a humanitarian side to the architectural profession. Its members are socially responsible and committed.

The Board consist of Chairperson Neda Stevenson, Secretary Elias Mattar, Treasurer Ziad Moutran and Advisor Dima Khoury.

Our Mission: To build environments that are inclusive, sustainable, and safe, designed in participation with their users. Our mission is to research, build, and advocate for architecture that promotes justice and human dignity.

Our Vision: Healing through architectural interventions, finding sustainable solutions that enrich the built environment of vulnerable communities.

Our Values: Justice, Solidarity, Commitment and Ethics.
Our current programs: Community participation, Healing the built environment and Architects Connections.

Our current projects are focused on healing the communities affected by the August 4, 2020
- Playgrounds in schools affected by the Beirut port blast in collaboration with Let’s Play.
- Rehabilitation of semi-public and public schools damaged by the August 4 blast.
- Pop up play areas in neighborhoods.

Projects initiated by عمارةٌ بلا حدود لبنان :

Projects partnered by عمارةٌ بلا حدود لبنان :