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Vojtěch Sigmund

Vojtěch   Sigmund
Designation: Board Member, ASF-Int
Mandate: 2022 - 2024
Member of: Architekti bez hranic - Czech Rep.
Working Group:

Vojtěch Sigmund (* 1981) is an architect and co-founder of the Architecture Sans Frontieres Czechia. He is interested in affordable housing issues and interconnection of social issues and architecture. He spent part of his life abroad (France, Sweden, Canada), where he was inspired, among other things, by civic engagement of people and architects.

He likes an active lifestyle while trying to combine a variety of activities without losing his mind. His main projects is daughter Emilka (* 2015) and son Váša (* 2017). Besides activities for Architects without Borders, he works as a project manager of social housing in the City hall of Prague. 

Within the framework of the Architects Without Borders, he coordinated Public Wardrobe Projects, Different City Experiences in 2015 and 2018, he was a team-leader at the Bedřiška Architectural Workshop in Ostrava.

He graduated in 2010 with the project "Home for the Homeless" - a community center for homeless people and training apartments at the FA CTU in Prague. Two years earlier, he successfully finish his diploma project at the École nationale supérieure d'architecture in Grenoble, France, with a project of low-cost self-build housing. He finished a PhD. thesis with a theme "Social housing - participation and self-built".