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Faten Kikano

Faten  Kikano
Designation: Chair, ASF-Int
Mandate: 2023 - 2025
Member of: Faten Kikano
Working Group: Disaster Response

Faten Kikano is the chair of ASF International. She works as a project manager with the BC2 Inter-Nations Collaborative Team. She is an expert in international migration, forced displacement, and governance and power asymmetries in refugee spaces and other vulnerable human settlements. She specializes in the study of urban vulnerability based on a transdisciplinary approach addressing the political, socioeconomic, legal, and humanitarian issues that influence the wellbeing and stability of vulnerable communities. She has a great competence in peer- reviewed publishing and lecturing in international platforms. She has developed several government-funded projects
on homelessness and climate change adaption in Montreal. Drawing from an experience of 20 year as a practitioner in architecture and design and a university professor, she has developed several workshops on humanitarian architecture in Turkey, Jordan, and Canada. She holds an editorial role in Oxford Research Encyclopedia. She also leads Liquid Space lab, a think tank focused on the study of vulnerable human settlements Her expertise provides an opportunity for the development of inclusive strategies that lead to spatial and environmental equity.