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Architectes Sans Frontières Suisse

Architectes Sans Frontières Suisse
c/o carlo Parmigiani
Avenue du Tribunal-Fédéral 9
1005 Lausanne
Phone:+41 21 3110742

Also known as : ASF-Suisse

ASF-Suisse Goals

1 Promote national and international architecture, spatial planning and cooperation as a contribution to human development.
2 Encourage ethics and understanding of social, cultural, political, economic and environmental aspects of the theory and practice of architecture.
3 Promote cultural exchange and support the theory and practice of projects aimed at quality living conditions for everyone, respecting the environment.
4 Promoting the interdisciplinary debate between architecture, territorial planning and international cooperation.
5 Encouraging an ethical architecture that favors appropriate technologies, respect for environmental values, through the implementation of pilot projects.
6 Supporting the know-how and qualities inherent in current local building practices, vernacular and traditional.
7 Support and defend the disadvantaged and minority communities, respecting the principles of non-discrimination and solidarity.
8 Advocate and promote access to adequate housing as a basic human right.
9 Create and encourage international dialogue and partnerships among architects.
10 Collaborate with existing networks of Architecture Sans Frontières and other similar organizations.

Projects initiated by ASF-Suisse :

Projects partnered by ASF-Suisse :