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Architects Sans Frontieres Society - India

Architecture Sans Frontiers Society
196-PTP Nagar
Chairperson: Subin Ummar
Secretary: Guruprasad Rane
Treasurer: Arunkumar T. K.
Also known as : ASF-India

Architecture Sans Frontieres India (ASF-India) is a registered not-for-profit organisation of built environment professionals committed towards equitable, social and sustainable development.

ASF-India is a member of a larger umbrella organisation called Architecture Sans Frontieres International (ASF-Int) based in France. As a member of ASF-Int, ASF-India adhere to “The Hasselt Charter”.

Current Activities of ASF-India includes information dissemination regarding cost-effective and sustainable building construction techniques by means of lectures and workshops.Designing and Construction of shelter for socially and economically challenged communities.Upcoming projects of ASF-India includes rehabilitation of flood affected victims at Uttarakhand.

Projects initiated by ASF-India :

Projects partnered by ASF-India :