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Arkitekter Uden Grænser - Denmark

Arkitekter Uden Grænser – Denmark
Global Platform, 4.
sal Fælledvej 12
DK-2200 København N

Chairperson: Anton Ryslinge
Secretary: Eva Kanstrup
Treasurer: Karsten Kristensen
Also known as : ASF-Denmark

Architects without Borders Denmark create development using architecture and planning as tools.

Our aim is to support vulnerable and poor populations in the poorest countries. We create development projects related to architecture and planning, and promote information on combating poverty. We work to give all people access to decent living conditions.

We believe that decent living conditions are a basic human right and that it can be promoted by holistic approaches and by integrating both technical, social and aesthetic aspects of construction and planning.

We provide advice in the fields of planning and architecture to civil society and organizations that do not normally have access to these services. We take co-responsibility for the development of the building and planning profession in a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable way.

We have existed since 2008 and have more than 300 members who contribute financially and professionally to the organisation.

Projects initiated by ASF-Denmark :

bio_learning_sierra leone
Bio lerning centre, Sierra Leone
Support EFA: Environmental Foundation for Africa
Housing units for the personnel of Masanga hospital in Sierra Leone
Support a renovated hospital with staff housing

Projects partnered by ASF-Denmark :