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Architecten Zonder Grenzen - Belgium

Architecten Zonder Grenzen – Belgium
Albrecht Rodenbachstraat 29
3500 Hasselt – Belgium

Also known as : ASF-Belgium

Architecten zonder Grenzen België (ASFBe) is a co-founder member of ASF-Int and was set up in 1994, with the following objectives:

  1. to provide worldwide assistance in the field of architecture and urban planning in order to improve the living conditions of people and communities who are afflicted by disaster or calamitous events, without distinction between race, creed, or political persuasion;
  2. to use all its available resources in favour of those people and communities, in order to give effective and accurate assistance;
  3. to seek for national and international support to allow its members to be successful and efficient.

Today the organization has a national and an international branch. On the national level, ASF-Be aims to improve the housing conditions of the poor, both tenants en owner-occupiers, by providing both advice and support. Within this context, ASF-Be tries to establish an ‘Architect Pro Bono’ model. Internationally, ASF-Be offers assistance, advice and information to organizations and governments involved in reconstruction and development.

Projects initiated by ASF-Belgium :

nursery school construction
Nursery school
UN Millenium Development Goals

Projects partnered by ASF-Belgium :