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Architekten ohne Grenzen - Austria

Architekten ohne Grenzen,
Adambergergasse 3/6,
1020 Wien,
Phone:+43 660 440 33 82

Secretary: Claudia Pirchl
Treasurer: Markus Lang
Also known as : ASF-Austria

Architekten ohne Grenzen (AoGA ) is a non-profit, internationally active organization based in Vienna.


The aim of AoGA is to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people through architecture in all their facets, irrespective of their ethnic origin or political and religious conviction. AoGA works closely with communities to jointly develop the built environment according to the social and cultural life of their inhabitants.

The right to housing, social development, training, work and health care plays an important role to support a community in its development.

What we do

Through the establishment of an interdisciplinary network of architects, planners, experts and universities, Architektur ohne Grenzen Austria (AoGA) offers help organizations, charity organizations, municipalities and others expert support in the preparation, development and implementation of architecture with a humanitarian claim.

In addition, AoGA is organizing lectures and workshops that give interested parties the opportunity to gather information, share knowledge, or participate in projects.

Through publications on relevant topics, information is also made accessible in the long term.

Projects initiated by ASF-Austria :

Projects partnered by ASF-Austria :