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1to1 Agency of Engagement - South Africa

4 De Beer Street,
South Africa
Phone:+27 826556100

Chairperson: Jacqueline Cuyler
Secretary: Jhono Bennett
Treasurer: Suzette Van der Walt
Also known as : 1to1

1to1 – Agency of Engagement is a non-profit entity that facilitates spatial design strategies through critical engagement with residents in poor or unsafe areas of South Africa.

With the 20 year mark of political freedom at our doorstep, the social scars of spatial segregation in South Africa’s built environment is arguably the most tangible legacy of our past. No-where is this more evidently seen than in the plight of 1.8 million+ South African informal settlements inhabitants.

As part of 1to1’s mission to share its earned knowledge and grow as an organisation we aim to publish and share our work with as many local and international viewers as possible.

Projects initiated by 1to1 :

The codes of engagements
1to1's Core Socio-Technical Tool Set
Informal Settlement Upgrading

Projects partnered by 1to1 :