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GA EVENTS FINAL DATES: The 8th of April, our host organisation in Mallorca presented to the board of ASF-Int a new schedule with severe changes in the programme. The changes, according to the host team, were caused by difficulties solving critical venue's issues with the authorities in Mallorca. As a result of these issues, we managed to preserve the 22nd of April for the GA Meeting, which we on the board of ASF-Int consider the most relevant event. But we would like to inform that the ASF Dialogue will be held on the 21st of April 2016 instead of the Challenging Practice workshop, which will be held on the 23rd instead of the ASF Dialog. The board of ASF International sincerely apologise for this last-minute change in the programme and regret any confusion that these changes can represent for all our attendees.

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Having challenging practice seminar on the 20th was not confirmed. The program proposed by ARC-Peace was to have the 21st and 23rd for presentations and panel discussions. After a short discussion between ASF-International, ARC-Peace and ASF-UK representants, it was confirmed that there is no need to add one day to the activities event and we could manage to have the challenging practice seminar on the 21st.

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